It's Hot: 10 Trends That You Might Want to Incorporate Into Your Big Day
Apryl Chapman Thomas

From vibrant colors to personalized wedding websites – the wedding trends are unique as the brides themselves.

When it comes to weddings, there are some traditions that never change; however, there are certain trends that come and go each year. In a world where everything new is already old by the next day, here's some trends that can make your own wedding feel fresh.

Colors, Colors Everywhere: Using single, bland colors throughout the ceremony and reception are a thing of the past. According to Wedding Paper Divas (, couples are incorporating vibrant and unique color combinations. This isn't only limited to the invitations, but also on wedding place cards, programs and throughout the reception.

“An interesting color choice for brides-to-be is yellow,” comments Lea Thompson, spokesperson for the company. “Also, other bold colors such as green and black are popular. Available in many shades including lime, celery, olive, and apple, brides are choosing this non-traditional color as the main color coordinate to their event. Also, black is in. Brides are bringing back the romance and elegance with black and white.

She adds brides are getting creative with colors. “We are noticing that combinations such as turquoise and lime, or turquoise and orange are popular choices as well.”

If You Can't Buy It – Rent It: Wearing a strapless gown or a gown with a plunging neckline? Glam it up a bit with a bold necklace. Wearing your hair in an up-swept fashion? Be sure to wear dangling earrings. Worried about how you can pay for the new jewels? Don't buy them, rent them through the website, Bag, Borrow or Steal ( This site allows you to rent your desired baubles per a week or for a month. Membership starts at $9.95/month or you can rent as a guest. The site has a special wedding section that highlights such designers as Chanel and Gucci. Even better, you can establish a budget beforehand and find that special piece within your set price range.

Smile, It's Your Wedding Video: Admit it, you've cringed (not openly) when your friends or family members brought out their wedding video to watch. Their three-hour tape featured the ceremony and everyone's best wishes to the couple during the reception, and that was it. Well, thanks to technology these days, the videos have taken a turn for the better. Many of them are becoming somewhat of a mini-movie.

“One thing I have noticed is more couples are requesting their wedding video to be like a music video,” says Birmingham, Ala.-based videographer Lance Holloway ( “They choose the different music for each chapter of the video, such as music for the introduction, pre-ceremony and so on. The shots are adding in, using artistic effects like panning and zooming, slow motion, and black and white. This is a way to personalize the video and makes it more special for the couple.”

Go Green: One trend that all wedding industry experts agree will stay around for quite a while is the “greening” of weddings. No, this isn't about adding the color green to your wedding, but establishing an environmentally-friendly wedding. You can make a difference by taking small steps by only using locally grown or organic flowers, creating an organic menu for the rehearsal dinner and/or the reception, or choosing earth-friendly wedding favors.

A Square Invitation is Just One of Many Options: Many couples are going for wedding invitations in non-traditional shapes, Wedding Paper Divas points out in their trend forecast.

“Two very popular shapes popping up this season are tea length, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, and square invitations,” comments Thompson. “Many invitations suites feature tea length and square invitations combined with traditional corresponding pieces, such as response cards, direction cards, thank you notes.”

Many couples are still looking for classic designs for a tradition twist. She says a very popular design is the Modern Toile, which features black toile with a bold coordinating color.
Thompson further adds that when it comes to invitations, personalization is always popular, whether by featuring monograms or photos.

“However, the key for a beautiful stationery piece is not to overdo it. Keep it simple.”

Yes, Everyone Can Have a Wearable Gown: Brides and bridesmaid have waited so long to finally hear the words, “yes, you can wear this again,” spoken truthfully this time. For destination weddings in particular, dresses are favoring simple, yet elegant styles. It is important to choose a gown that works well with your surroundings. You don't want to be on the beach with a heavy gown that has tiers of lace and an abundance of pearl buttons. You want a dress that not only compliments your body style, but is also easy to transport and goes with the overall atmosphere of your wedding. For destination weddings, think movable fabric. Popular gown material includes satin, organza, or silk For the brides who dare, add a little color by choosing a dress with a bright colored sash.

If you have bridesmaid, think cool, as in cool colors such as pewter, silver and the like. In addition, many experts are saying trends are leaning toward choosing dresses that aren't the usual “bridesmaid” dresses, but more party or cocktail-like dresses.
Weddings 2.0: You can create websites or blogs for anything nowadays, including your wedding. For couples going the destination wedding route, this may be one trend you want to adopt. This is a great and inexpensive way to keep everyone abreast of your planning. If you have family and friends who are unable to attend your big day, send them over to your website so they can read about all your big day.

There are a number of sites available to host your wedding website. Don't feel as if you need to learn latest in HTML or any other programming language – these host sites have templates, so all you have to do is choose your style and add your information. On, you can choose from a free, basic use package to a monthly term package for $9.95/month. With, couples can have their own domain name and variety of other features. You can make your site as interactive as you want or as basic as you want.
If you are more of a blog person, set up your wedding blog for free at sites like, or .

A Special Touch of Your Own: A wedding is a special time for you and your family. Even with destination weddings, you can add personal touches here and there. This goes beyond the “something old, something new” rhyme. For example, you can add your grandmother's favorite dish to the food at the reception, or include favorite romantic movie quotes in the programs. It can be something fun, serious, or both. It's your wedding and personalize it by adding those special details.

I'll Take a Little of That and a Little of That: If your guests remember anything at all about your wedding years from now, it will be the food served at the reception, so therefore choose wisely. The best way to go is by offering sample size, or tapas. This allows everyone to sample everything without overloading, plus it's fun. For destination weddings, this can be an opportunity to introduce your guests to local dishes. It's also a great way to feed guests at late afternoon weddings.

Gorgeous Flowers Are the Rage: Bright colors go beyond the invitation and other accent pieces, they are also found within the wedding flowers. Go for a bold, brightly colored bouquet, however don't overdo it. Accent with colorful ribbons and even add a sparkle or two with crystal gems.